3. Firmwater LMS Objects

LmsObject The base Firmwater LMS object that all other objects derive from
LmsLicenseeObject Describes a licensee organization
LmsDepartmentObject Describes a department within a licensee
LmsJobTitleObject Describes a job title within a licensee
LmsLocationObject Describes a location within a licensee used for managing users
LmsPersonObject Describes a user and their role within a licensee
LmsItemObject Describes a piece of content in the system
LmsRegistrationObject A Firmwater LMS content registration used to assign content to students

About Firmwater LMS Objects

Identifying Fields

Every Firmwater LMS object has one or more identifying fields. These fields are used to uniquely identify object records. To manipulate a Firmwater LMS object, a client application must set the value of all identifying fields. The identifying field values of a particular object cannot be changed through the web service interface (some identifying values, user name for example, can be changed through the user interface).

Required Fields

Most Firmwater LMS objects contain required fields. Fields defined as required must be set when creating new objects. These fields are not required to be set when updating objects since only identifying fields and the fields to be updated are required. Identifying fields are always required.

Read-Only Fields

Read-only fields cannot be modified by client applications. Firmwater LMS ignores read-only fields that have been set in a client application's request and will proceed with request processing.

Common Fields

Many Firmwater LMS objects contain common fields. For brevity, a description of those fields is given below and referred to throughout this documentation.


A read-only string field that uniquely identifies the object. When updating objects if the Id is specified all other Identifying Fields are not neccessary.


A read-only Datetime field representing the date and time the associated object was created at.


A read-only Datetime field representing the date and time the associated object was last updated at.