LmsJobTitleObject represents a job title with an organization. The object is used with the CreateOrUpdate method to create and update job titles. It is returned by the Search method when retrieving information about existing job titles in the organization.


A logged in client application attempting to create or modify a job title must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Able to access the licensee specified in the LicenseeId field
  • Administrative privilege of Licensee Administrator or greater

The licensee that is to own the job title must have job titles enabled (see LmsLicenseeObject field UseJobTitle).

Identifying Fields

One of the following groups of fields must be specified to uniquely identify a job title:

  • Id, or
  • JobTitle AND LicenseeId

A description of these fields follow.


A 36-character globally unique identifier to uniquely identify a job title. This field is read-only but can be used when searching for or updating an LmsJobTitleObject.


A string representing the job title in the licensee's default language. Job titles are unique for a language within a licensee. Job titles are restricted to a maximum length of 100 characters.


A string representing the ID of the licensee that the job title is a part of. An authenticated client application attempting to create/modify a job title must have access to the licensee specified by LicenseeId.

Other Fields


A string representing an external identifier for the job title. External identifiers are client implementation specific. Firmwater LMS makes no assumptions on the significance of this string. External job title identifiers are restricted to a maximum length of 100 characters.


A Datetime field representing the job title's expiry date and time. A job title is considered expired when the expiry date and time is earlier than the current Firmwater LMS date and time. To clear the expiry date and time of a job title, simply set the value of the ExpiryDatetime field to empty string ("").