An enumerated type describing the final status of a given operation.

General Error Codes

Value Description
NO_ERROR Operation successful. No error has occurred.
DATABASE_ERROR A error has occurred in the database.
An error has occurred while searching.

API Error Codes

Value Description
The API is currently disabled and cannot be accessed.
API_DISABLED_FOR_LICENSEE The API is currently disabled for the specified licensee.
EXCEEDED_MAX_NUM_LMS_OBJECTS Too many elements have been specified in the array.
OBJECT_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED LmsObject type is not supported by this method.
UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION An unknown exception has occurred.

Session Related Error Codes

Value Description
The specified session id is invalid.
SESSION_TIMEOUT The user's current session has timed out.

Invalid Identifying Values

Value Description
INVALID_LICENSEE_ID The specified licensee id is invalid.
The specified department name is invalid.
INVALID_LOCATION_NAME The specified location name is invalid.
INVALID_JOB_TITLE The specified job title is invalid.
INVALID_USERNAME The specified username is invalid.
INVALID_LOGIN The specified login is invalid.
The specified item id is invalid.
The specified registration description is invalid.
The specified certification name is invalid.
The specified external id is invalid.
The specified timezone is invalid.

Invalid Values

Value Description
The specified authorization type is invalid.
INVALID_TYPE The specified type is invalid.
The specified password is invalid.
INVALID_LMS_OBJECT The data within an lms object is invalid.
INVALID_LICENSEE_NAME The specified licensee name is invalid.
INVALID_OR_DUPLICATE_EMAIL_ADDRESSES The users in the licensee do not all have unique email addresses.
IDENTIFYING_FIELD_NOT_SET A required identifying field has not been specified.
REQUIRED_FIELD_NOT_SET A required field has not been set.
The specified activity already exists.

Invalid Objects

Value Description
INVALID_ITEM_OBJECT The item object is invalid.
INVALID_CERTIFICATION_OBJECT The certification object is invalid.
INVALID_DEPARTMENT_OBJECT The department object is invalid.
INVALID_JOB_TITLE_OBJECT The job title object is invalid.
INVALID_LOCATION_OBJECT The location object is invalid.
INVALID_PERSON_OBJECT The person object is invalid.
The registration object is invalid.

Access Disabled Error Codes

Value Description
USER_DISABLED The specified user has been disabled.
DEPARTMENTS_DISABLED The specified department is disabled.
LOCATIONS_DISABLED The specified location is disabled.
JOB_TITLES_DISABLED The specified job title has been disabled.
INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS The current user does not have sufficient access to perform the operation.
NO_GRANT_PERMISSION The parent of the target licensee does not have permission to grant the content
identified by the specified id.