Contains the outcome of executing a single CreateOrUpdate operation on a Firmwater LMS object.


CreateOrUpdate accepts an array of Firmwater LMS objects and returns the results of attempting to store them. These results are returned as an array of SaveResult objects. Every Firmwater LMS object in the passed array has a corresponding SaveResult object at the same index location in the returned array.



A Boolean value denoting whether a particular CreateOrUpdate operation was successful. A client application can check this value to ensure that each object in the array passed to CreateOrUpdate was successfully stored.


An array of LmsError objects. During the execution of a single CreateOrUpdate operation there may be several reasons for failure. The Errors field contains a list of reasons for the operation failure. Keep in mind, a single CreateOrUpdate call can contain multiple operations since more than one object can be passed in. Each SaveResult associated with a failed operation will have its own set of errors.


A 36-character globally unique identifier to uniquely identify an LMS Object. This field is readonly but can be used to quickly find an LMS object for future searches.