Communicates the results of attempting to grant a licensee access to an activity tree.


Information contained within an LmsGrantContentResult object can be used by a client application to determine the outcome of a grant request.



A string representing the ID of the source item. This ID is one of the IDs specified in the activityIds array parameter of the GrantContent method. Outcome information contained within an LmsGrantContentResult instance corresponds to an attempt at granting a licensee access to the particular activity specified by SourceId.


A string representing the ID of the granted item. This is the ID of the new item created from the original item specified by the SourceId.


A Boolean value describing whether or not the grant operation succeeded. If successful, the targeted licensee will have access to the activity identified by the TargetId.


A LmsError object containing both a StatusCode and error message indicating the status of the grant. Client applications can use this value to identify that outcome of a grant operation and in case of failure, determine the cause.