Search the Firmwater LMS within an organization for a particular object type, restricting the results according to the specified search parameters.


SearchResult = lmsBinding.Search (string licenseeId, string resultObjectName, LmsSearchParam[] searchParams, string logicalOperator);


A client application must invoke the Search call passing in a client ID, the string representation of the LmsObject to be returned, an array of LmsSearchParam objects specifing the search details, and the string representation of the logical operator to be applied when joining the array of search parameters (currently only 'AND' or 'OR').

The call will return a SearchResult object, containing the results of the search. A single malformed LmsSearchParam will halt the execution of the Search method.

The method currently supports searching on the following types of objects:

Rules and Guidelines


The client must be authenticated with the web service as a user with sufficient privileges to view the data that the client expects to be returned.

Maximum Results Returned

During a single invocation of the Search method, the maximum number of results that will be returned is 2000.

Sample Code


licenseeIdstring The client ID of the organization the search is being performed on.
resultObjectNamestringThe name of the type of object that is to be returned. For example, to search for people, the parameter would be 'LmsPersonObject'.
paramsLmsSearchParamGo to the LmsSearchParam page for more details regarding this.
logicalOperatorstringThe logical operator to be applied when joining the array of search parameters. Currently only 'AND' and 'OR' are supported. Specifying 'AND' would concatenate the array of search parameters as param[0] AND param[1], and 'OR' would produce param[0] OR param[1].

Return Object