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Articulate '09 Exit Navigation

You can choose whether exit navigation is included or not within the content.  This option is available under 'Player Templates: Layout'.

Regardless of whether you choose to display exit navigation within the content or not, the SCORM package does not instruct the LMS to hide its own exit navigation.

If you have a quiz within the presentation, you can exit before the quiz is completed by by setting the 'Allow user to leave quiz' option to 'At any time'. Otherwise it will make the user complete the quiz before exiting if the content-provide exit navigation is used.  This option is available under 'Quizzes and Interaction: Quizmaker Quizzes'.

If you allow the user to leave half way through the quiz during the presentation, all the quiz answers are stored so that upon resuming the previously answered questions will be populated.

There is also a similar option for Engage widgets where you can set how many slides the user must view before allowing them to navigate to the next slide in the presentation.  The user is allowed to exit the presentation regardless of how the option is set. Upon resuming the content the user will be taken to the exact item on the Engage widget where they left off previously.