Articulate Content Interaction Data

There are several types of data being set and saved during interactions with Articulate Studio '09 content. Note that except for cmi.suspend_data, most other values are specific to QuizMaker ’09.

Data types




cmi.interactions.# (the # represents the different questions in the quiz)



The question ID.



Type of question.

“Choice”, “True-False”


User’s answer.



If the user got the question right or not.



The right answer.



Description in the popup window after every question.



Weighting of the question.



Latency of the network when the question was answered in seconds.


The same as ID.



Timestamp of the answer submission.



Note that this value is NOT saved in the database.


This seems to be the string that holds the raw data for each question answered. As the quiz goes on, the string length increases as the previous data string is appended to the latest data string.


In Presenter (embedded with Engage widgets and QuizMaker quizzes) documents, the suspend_data is also used to store the values of each user interaction that takes place. For example, it saves the order of how the slides are viewed.


In Engage widgets, this determines the completion_status value. There is an option that allows the widget creator to set the minimum number of slides (or items) viewed before marking it as complete. Once the suspend_data value is set to have viewed the number of slides necessary to be considered complete, the completion_status is set to “completed”.






This is the raw score out of 100.



The maximum attainable mark.



The minimum attainable mark.



The scaled mark from -1 to 1.