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Version 2.1

Release Dates
  • Production: March 7, 2007
  • QA: March 7, 2007

New Features and Enhancements

  • ( 943) Added the ability to limit the number of concurrent users for a licensee.
  • ( 969) Allow HTML in item descriptions (using Markdown syntax).
  • (1234) Added new 'Self-Registration' page when editing activities to allow self-registration parameters to be specified.
  • (1321) Added new 'Accounts and Access' page (Configuration->Settings) that allows specification of concurrent user limit, username/password minimum lengths, and password expiry options.
  • (1385) Changed participants link to go to status screen when activity is an event that has finished.
  • (1388) Added new 'Registration Options' page when editing activities.
  • (1389) Dynamically expand the size of description text areas when the content exceeds its default size.
  • (1398) A client organization can now be disabled or its expiry date set from the 'Accounts and Access' page.
  • (1401) Indicate disabled items in search grids. Indicate disabled and deleted items in select lists and summaries.
  • (1471) Added support for custom multidimensional data fields. This data can be imported as long as an XML schema is defined for the organization.
  • (1037) Display appropriate item type ('pre-test', 'survey', etc.) in assessments instead of always displaying 'test'.
  • (1286) Added support for immediate question feedback in assessments.

Bugs Fixed

  • ( 526) Set the due date correctly for assignments with relative due days and first active dates in the future.
  • ( 653) Job title, department, and location information can now be successfully updated when importing user data.
  • ( 670) Disabled and expired clients now are displayed in the 'Administer' drop-down.
  • ( 720) Trim CSV headers of blanks when importing data to avoid missing information.
  • ( 733) Importing user data with usernames that start with a number is now allowed.
  • ( 744) Changed the rendering of the assignment summaries to be consistent with the rest of the application. Due date information is now included.
  • ( 971) Allow participants to be added for all activities, regardless of whether pricing or options are specified.
  • ( 982) Display an error message when attempting to add a participant to an activity who is already registered.
  • (1090) Administrative privileges are now properly assigned when importing user data using a CSV file.
  • (1146) Improved username generation when importing user data by a CSV file in Unicode.
  • (1160) Highlight the current menu item when a student is registering for an activity.
  • (1257) Fixed error when adding a participant to an activity that has a price of $0 specified.
  • (1292) Fixed error when editing the attempt limit or the passing score of an item.
  • (1299) Zero price no longer displayed in item summary when no pricing information is specified.
  • (1309) Fixed population of location grid when editing an assignment targeted at students only.
  • (1340) Display pricing information for multiple dates on activity summaries when appropriate.
  • (1354) User data can now be imported from CSV files in which only some usernames are specified.
  • (1410) Refresh reports list page after changing the organization.
  • (1415) Allow master administrators to administer clients even when user's organization can no longer add clients.
  • (1422) Do not allow results to be entered for events that are in the future.
  • (1441) Do not allow membership to be created for a user if the organization does not have any member types defined.
  • (1455) Access to transactions pages is now allowed as long as payment methods are defined for the organization.