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Version 2.10

Release Dates
  • Production: May 14, 2009
  • QA: May 7, 2009

New Features and Enhancements

  • ( 203) Allow administrators to see an Individual Response Report for a user's attempt at an assessment. The report is generated as a PDF. It shows score information along with all the questions and responses with correct answers highlighted.
  • (5755) Add new roles that only allow access to reports (at the different scope levels).
  • (5762) Add a new 'Users Report' which provides a list of all users in the organization. The CSV/XML versions provide all the fields available. The generated file can be used to import back into the system.
  • (5763) Add a new 'Completion Certificate' report. Administrators can define for each activity whether students can print their own certificates and whether administrator can do so. Certificate access can also be specified using a bulk operation. Background of generated certificate can be overridden for an organization.
  • (6193) Add new 'Activities List' report which lists all activities available for an organization. The CSV/XML versions provide more fields than are visible in the HTML version.
  • (6201) Import users: allow user to determine whether new/updated passwords force the user to change their password at next login.
  • (6210) Import users: provide a CSV file with list of existing users found in the imported file to help with collision detection.
  • (6218) Add new 'Clients List' report that lists all clients and the numbers of users in each that an organization has.
  • (6223) Include parent location information in the CSV/XML versions of the Users List report if location hierarchies are supported.

Bugs Fixed

  • (5895) Improved performance of calculating a user's training plan.
  • (5923) Allow more flexibility with localization of SCO exit link.
  • (5928) Fixed minor localization issues: some strings not being localized, non-breaking spaces showing as HTML.
  • (5959) Changed default encoding of CSV files when reports are exported so that it opens properly in Excel.
  • (5973) Fixed Javascript error on Activities List page caused by apostrophe in French translation.
  • (6164) 'Delete' bulk operation was missing on the page that lists all activities that has a specific tag.
  • (6200) Event Registration Report: Do not filter out event where no payment is required.
  • (6214) Import users: summary table sometimes does not show accurate user counts.