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Version 2.11

Release Dates
  • Production: June 21, 2009
  • QA: June 3, 2009

New Features and Enhancements

  • (4553) Assessment Engine: support shuffling of responses.
  • (6294) Assessment Engine: support time limited assessments.
  • (6362) Assessment Engine: support adding a copyright notice to all content screens.
  • (6411) Assessment Engine: warn the user if they attempt to navigate away from a screen after changes have been made.
  • (5999) Expose external self-registration link to administrators. This allows them to copy the link to include in an email or to publish.
  • (6297) Expose an assessment's permitted duration on the content summary page.
  • (6298) Expose whether an assessment can be suspended and resumed on the content summary page.
  • (6316) Support re-entering a non-resumable assessment while it is still active. This will allow a user to resume their assessment if they accidentally closed their browser window or navigated away.
  • (6372) Show the link that allows users to create an account on the login page, if appropriate.

Bugs Fixed

  • (4613) Fixed reported duration time for assessments that are suspended and resumed.
  • (6361) Allow CDATA sections for QTI metadata values when loading assessments.
  • (6401) Fix rendering of some assessment engine screens when using IE6.
  • (5016) Assessment Engine: do not show invalid calculated scores for surveys.
  • (5658) Import users: ensure that the error log file linked to from the confirmation page is the latest one generated for the import.
  • (6202) Fix payment records issue with eChecks and their cancellations.
  • (6335) Import users: fixed issue importing local administrators for new locations.
  • (6355) Ensure that the 'Operation' column values are always translated on the load history page.
  • (6366) Fixed issue loading content after a previous unsuccessful load of the same content.
  • (6367) Accept non-integer values for cut scores when loading assessments.
  • (6371) Fix alignment of selected item icon for users of IE8.
  • (6390) Resolved crash looking at participant status page for cluster items with no leaf nodes.
  • (6399) Fixed rendering of disabled link for users of IE6.
  • (6450) Fixed count of number of participants on item summary page (for some scenarios).
  • (6455) Only show child item columns on participant status page if items are administrator evaluated.