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Version 2.15

Release Dates
  • Production: Not released
  • Demo: November 11, 2010

New Features and Enhancements

  • (8810) Activities List Report: add 'CreatedDate' column to CSV export.
  • (9486) Activities List Report: added a field called 'RegistrationPage' to the CSV export.
  • (9669) Migrate application to use SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • (9686) Require a valid application license for an installed LMS instance to be used.
  • (9703) Support different password complexity requirements.
  • (9725) Add new element to ease posting of maintenance notices.
  • (9821) Add ability to hide 'forgot password' link.
  • (10132) Increase complexity of passwords generated by the system.

Bugs Fixed

  • (679) Do not validate against list of required fields when user is created via AICC interface.
  • (5399) Do not validate other user attributes when changing a user's password. This could cause validation errors for fields not present on the page.
  • (6076) Improve performance of Active Login Report.
  • (7191) Fix registration feedback message displayed on login page when item has no type.
  • (7369) Attempts list: fix message displayed when no attempt exist for case when item has no type.
  • (9714) Fix path to the active assessment warning page.
  • (9779) Fix dates and times saved when self-registration is allowed for an activity.
  • (9822) Do not show 'Save Changes' button on edit profile page if nothing is editable.
  • (10079) Fix position of required field indicator on Support and Email Settings page for WebKit browsers (Safari, Chrome).
  • (10123) Report viewer page now uses same jQuery version and location as rest of application.
  • (10254) Fix alignment of edit profile page when address fields are displayed.