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Version 2.2

Release Dates
  • Production: April 5, 2007
  • QA: April 5, 2007

New Features and Enhancements

  • (1293) Information about the course that granted a certification level were added to a user's certification history.
  • (1469) Allow an administrator to make a copy of an activity.
  • (1470) Moved "Grant content" functionality to reduce confusion. Functionality now shows under the "Add content" link (with more descriptive text) when user has appropriate privileges.
  • (1506) Added a new 'Prerequisites' page when managing content which allows an administrator to specify one or more certifications as prerequisites for an activity.
  • (1508) Added feedback to inform user of changes to self-registration dates when an event's dates change.
  • (1520) Allow an administrator to generate AICC packages that let an external LMS pass launch parameters in the launch URL and not only in the AICC [Core_Vendor] HTTP response section.
  • (1541) Added new menu to the "Configuration" tab, that allows membership types to be managed if membership is enabled for an organization.
  • (1544) The status of administrator evaluated items are now displayed for participants on the course results page.
  • (1562) Moved management of certifications to the "Configuration" tab. Improved the display of the information, adding the number of users with different certifications and levels.
  • (1564) Added new page "Global Objectives" when editing a certification level, which allows objectives to be mapped to certifications.
  • (1574) If creating new users, inform an administrator when imported usernames had to be generated or modified (which will happen if username is not long enough or unique). Also, for increased safety, do not allow administrator to update existing users if no valid username or external person ID is given for each user.
  • (1576) Added new page "Global Objectives" when editing a membership type, which allows objectives to be mapped to membership.
  • (1622) Assessments can now be launched without the LMS as a system interface.

Bugs Fixed

  • ( 780) Improved user navigation away from uninitialized content objects.
  • (1113) Do not include 'soft-deleted' activities when generating AICC packages and using the AICC interface.
  • (1224) Certifications granted from successful completion of an activity now have an achieved date that matches the activity's end date (not the date that the completion was recorded).
  • (1290) Allow SCORM 1.2 package files to be fully loaded even if they are not explicitly listed in the package manifest. (This includes the ability to update existing SCORM 1.2 resources.)
  • (1472) Warn administrator if imported password is not long enough and the imported user will be forced to change it on next login.
  • (1481) When importing data, the person's preferred language codes is checked to ensure that the organization supports it. If not, a warning is issued and the person's language is set to the organization's default.
  • (1484) Fixed content pricing to ensure that pricing is set until end of the date specified (instead of the start).
  • (1502) Ensure that the details page for activities that are no long self-registrable cannot be accessed by accessing the URL directly.
  • (1512) Date ranges were not always displayed in a consistent format for events.
  • (1518) When displaying child items of an activity, render Markdown text to HTML.
  • (1534) Users' names with special characters no longer get double-escaped when displayed in breadcrumbs.
  • (1568) When loading content, clean activity packages of any resources that have <file> 'href' attributes that include URL parameters (which is not allowed as per SCORM 2004 specification).
  • (1570) When importing new locations, departments or job title names, the comparisons to existing names are no longer case-sensitive.
  • (1605) Allow event start and end dates to be the same.
  • (1607) The event capacity and maximum number of attempts were not allowing multiples of ten as valid values.
  • (1628) Updated membership creation page to ensure that initial membership fee shows instead of the renewal fee.
  • (1634) Event location field would cause an error if an event with ampersands was returned in auto complete results.
  • (1537) Menu link no longer shows when in sequential mode.