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Version 2.20

Release Dates
  • Production:  March 10, 2011
  • QA: March 4, 2011

New Features and Enhancements

  • ( 7203) Display friendly error message when launching a report if reporting services are not available.
  • ( 9079) Added welcome notification. Email typically contains user's username and a link to set their password. Can be sent or resent to an individual from the user summary page, in bulk (from the users list page), and/or during the import users process.
  • (10788) First phase of email administration: allow administrators to enable and disable email notifications for an organization.
  • (10860) Added welcome notification for users who self-register.
  • (10865) Allow users to be deleted in bulk from the users list page. A user cannot delete her own account, nor can accounts with higher roles than the current user be deleted.
  • (10930) Allow system navigation links to be hidden by overriding the text with empty values.

Bugs Fixed

  • ( 8941) Resolve 'Specified cast is not valid' error when displaying completed items and the content did not set a completion date.
  • (10759) Ensure that help text under the username field (usually indicating the minimum username length) is displayed when adding a new user.
  • (10962) Participant Status Summary Report: add 'DurationSeconds' column to CSV export.
  • (10963) Activity Usage Report: fixed data included in the CSV export.