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Version 2.21

Release Dates
  • Production: March 31, 2011
  • QA: March 24, 2011

New Features and Enhancements

  • (10667) Import user attempt data improvements. Allow import of duration for offline attempts.
  • (10760) If enabled, allow completed SCO attempts to be reviewed by students from the attempts history page.
  • (11009) Content management: added new 'Attempts and Scoring' page for launchable items.
  • (11068) Update French translations.

Bugs Fixed

  • ( 7226) Content management: expose completion certificate access controls for events.
  • (10103) Attempts history page: do not show 'Suspended' status for assessments that can not be resumed.
  • (11011) Do not send notifications to users in a disabled organization.
  • (11019) Do not send notifications to users whose accounts are disabled.
  • (11035) Chrome 10 issue: Articulate content does not exit back to LMS using LMS exit navigation.
  • (11046) IE6 issue: fix styling of question text numbers in end of assessment feedback when question text wraps to new line.
  • (11063) Fixed styling of page when Javascript is not enabled.
  • (11067) Improved support for IE9 (jQuery and jQuery UI library updates).
  • (11072) IE9 issue: use IE8 compatibility mode on SCORM runtime page to allow communication with the API.
  • (11117) Missing localizations can prevent running reports in non-English languages.
  • (11149) Firefox 4 issue: fix SCORM runtime error with some content.