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Version 2.23

Release Dates
  • Production: May 25, 2011
  • Demo: May 15, 2011

New Features and Enhancements

  • (11085) Enhance AICC interface to work with a LMS that always requires a score, even when the content does not set one.
  • (11358) Update to help documentation.

Bugs Fixed

  • (10846) Starts and Completions report: do not include hyperlinks when exporting to Excel.
  • (11264) Do not show attempt limit and passing score on item summary page for items that are not tracked.
  • (11265) Do not allow an administrator to override a user's attempt limit for an item that is not tracked.
  • (11282) Do not clear previously set information (number of attempts allowed and passing score) when turning off status tracking for an item.
  • (11288) All Firmwater assessment loaded should default to allow review of completed attempts.
  • (11340) When loading a Firmwater assessment, the 'aeCanResume' parameter should used to determine if the assessment can be suspended and resumed.
  • (11347) Allow content that uses Java plug-in to retrieve files from the server via the plug-in. Old versions of Lectora content work this way.