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Version 2.24

Release Dates
  • Production: June 15, 2011
  • Demo: June 6, 2011

New Features and Enhancements

  • ( 7309) Display details about the resource being used on the item summary page. Details for SCOs include SCORM version, authoring tool used, and size of content. Package identifiers are exposed and an easy method for copying XML (for creating new packages) is provided.
  • ( 8779) Improve data communication of SCORM run-time environment. Transmit data asynchronously in smaller, more frequent chunks when possible.

Bugs Fixed

  • ( 7009) Administrative page for enabling self-registration for a course should not include an option for display the waiver if there is no waiver loaded.
  • (11354) Validate assessment packages consistently when loading content. Validation now always allows top-level assessments that refer to a previously loaded assessment.
  • (11357) Change default so assessments loaded directly as QTI allow an unlimited number of attempts.
  • (11415) Improve performance when loading content by using local copies of schema files for validation.