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Version 2.27

Release Dates
  • Production: November 8, 2011
  • Demo: October 18, 2011

New Features and Enhancements

  • ( 903) Changed status tracking and reporting mechanism to adhere to SCORM 2004's Sequencing and Navigation specification.  Added options to allow status information and scores to be hidden from students.
  • (11512) Clients List report: added an 'Options' parameter to determine whether to include disabled clients and disabled users. Added more information about each client to the CSV export.
  • (11544) Participant Status Summary report: added bar charts to summarize information, added a link to drill into to see all statuses for all people.
  • (11566) Added new 'Continuing Education Credits Earned' report.
  • (11667) Updated Spanish translations.
  • (11750) Web Services API: added 'ReportedStatus' field to the 'LmsStatusObject' and 'ItemResult' objects. Deprecated 'CompletionStatus' and 'SuccessStatus' fields.
  • (11791) AICC: changed the folder structure in the ZIP packages that get generated.
  • (11863) Participant Status Summary report: added ability to group data by user, location, department, or job title.

Bugs Fixed

  • ( 4839) Do not clear out score information when editing an attempt with no passing score.
  • ( 6524) Improved SCORM 1.2 lesson status and score handling.
  • (11572) Activity Detail report: removed extra score column.
  • (11576) Active Logins report: fixed the color of the expand and collapse links.
  • (11627) Attempts page: ensure that number of attempts fields are enabled appropriately in IE 9.
  • (11701) Ensure that all SCO compatibility settings are retained when copying an activity.
  • (11729) Interaction Data report: added information about the item that we're reporting on to the CSV export.
  • (11730) Interaction Data report: replaced the 'Time' column with 'Timestamp' in the CSV output. Previous 'Time' column exported the record's created date and time.
  • (11802) Starts and Completions report: ensure that accurate data is presented when report is grouped by publisher and 'Publisher not assigned' link is used.
  • (11883) Ensure that email template values use the default language's values when not specified for the user's preferred language.