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Version 2.3.1

Release Dates
  • Production: June 29, 2007
  • QA: June 25, 2007

Bugs Fixed

  • ( 459) The Response Analysis Report now shows in its drop-down list all assessments for which there is at least one response, regardless of whether the assessment is a top-level activity or not.
  • ( 719) If an administrator tries to import user data for a person that is missing job title, department and/or location that are required by the target organization, an appropriate warning is provided explaining why the person's data cannot be imported.
  • (1922) Fixed error creating new membership types for an organization.
  • (1923) If an administrator does not select an item type and does not define one in the loaded package, an empty tag is no longer created.
  • (1926) Fixed error updating a person's score for an activity with global objectives mapped to a certification.
  • (1927) Display all the unresolved resource errors (not just the first one) when loading SCORM organization packages that reference resources not found in the target organization or its parent.
  • (1930) SCORM 1.2 packages are now correctly detected and all their resource files are copied to the LMS server even if they are not listed the package manifest.
  • (1932) Historical Login Activity Report now shows results when the location is set to 'N/A'.
  • (1933) Fixed bug importing user data to an organization that has custom fields defined.
  • (1938) Tagging an activity belonging to an organization with no tags defined now works correctly.