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Version 2.30

Release Dates
  • Production: February 22, 2012
  • Demo: February 16, 2012

New Features and Enhancements

  • (12214) Added support for proctored items.
  • (12328) Web Services API: added LmsLeafItem.IsProctorRequired property. Allow searching using LmsLeafItem properties.
  • (12337) Updated administrator's view of a user's attempts. Changed layout, adding attempt duration and proctoring information.

Bugs Fixed

  • (12197) Continuing Education Credit Earned report does not include courses that were failed.
  • (12215) Ensure that only hidden items that are administrator-evaluated are reported on as this property is changed.
  • (12288) Updated jQuery and jQuery UI libraries.
  • (12308) Users Report: resolved issue for organizations with users assigned to a location in a hierarchy with an external identifier set.
  • (12339) Royalty Report and Location Billing Report now support course structures that include hidden items.
  • (12394) Resolve 'more' pop-up rendering issue in IE7.
  • (12405) Fixed display of completion status information for top-level leaf items.