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Version 2.31

Release Dates
  • Production: March 20, 2012
  • Demo: March 8, 2012

Bugs Fixed

  • ( 6637) Do not display link to completion certificates on Participants page unless the administrator has users in scope that successfully passed the course.
  • ( 8105) Ensure that a custom drop-down field with default value on a user's profile is saved properly when the default is set.
  • (10320) Skills Assessment Report: performance optimization to underlying queries.
  • (10597) Performance optimization for organizations with many locations.
  • (10807) Starts and Completions: fixed issue displaying report when location hierarchies are enabled but the organization doesn't have any location defined.
  • (11575) Restrict characters permitted in client ID field. Do no force existing IDs to be changed to conform.
  • (11916) Ensure that master administrator's 'Administer' navigation bar is still displayed after sending a welcome message to a user.
  • (11933) Hide the results column on a student's attempts history page if it is empty.
  • (12339) Royalty Report and Location Billing Report now support course structures that include hidden items.