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Version 2.35

Release Dates
  • Production: June 26, 2012
  • Demo: June 21, 2012

New Features and Enhancements

  • (12797) Add ability to send emails to administrators when a participant completes a course. The email can be configured to send to administrators with specific roles.
  • (12802) Add ability to send email to a participant when they complete a course.
  • (12830) Recognize Articulate Storyline content when exposing details about loaded resources.
  • (12834) Loading content: prepend an underscore to any package IDs that do not start with a character or an underscore in an effort to achieve SCORM validation.
  • (12843) Allow users to opt out of completion emails from their profile.
  • (12844) Moved email settings to its own menu item in the Configuration section.

Bugs Fixed

  • (12862) Presentation settings: fixed issue that would leave section filtering options disabled after turning the feature off for an assessment.
  • (12871) Exclude deleted items from displayed counts when bulk editing activities.
  • (12884) Feedback about the number of welcome messages sent was not accurate if users were edited in other browser tabs.