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Version 2.39

Release Dates
  • Production: Not released
  • Demo: Not released

New Features and Enhancements

  • (13188) Use a date picker for date fields when creating or editing a person's account.
  • (13254) Added 'Date of birth' field.
  • (13281) Allow more flexibility in the rendering of the system navigation.
  • (13285) New email: purchaser invitation.
  • (13314) New email: return purchase.
  • (13565) Accept posted order information from Shopify and create appropriate usage contracts.

Bugs Fixed

  • (13205) Ensure that information about the person who sends a welcome email gets properly recorded.
  • (13264) Web Services API: fix issue with trying to remove items from a registration.
  • (13325) Ensure that spaces in client IDs are handled properly when constructing URLs in the welcome email.
  • (13352) AICC interface: avoid sending extra 'ExitAU' command when AICC session is already terminated.