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Version 2.40

Release Dates
  • Production: December 6, 2012
  • Demo: November 30, 2012

New Features and Enhancements

  • (13297) Include new 'Date of birth' field in CSV export of reports where appropriate.
  • (13567) Shopify purchaser experience.

Bugs Fixed

  • ( 9460) Support LOM metadata that is prefixed with a custom namespace while loading content.
  • (13237) Strip off language qualifier when saving titles and descriptions while loading content. For example, this ensures that content loaded with language 'en-us' gets saved correctly.
  • (13382) Fixed issue removing a participant from a course that has registration options.
  • (13420) Support old IMS metadata format while loading content.
  • (13438) Restrict support phone number to maximum of 20 characters.
  • (13447) Order an organization's custom fields consistently in CSV export of reports.
  • (13449) Ensure that supplied logo is saved correctly when adding a new client.
  • (13462) Support exporting custom fields of greater than 100 characters in reports.
  • (13471) Support sending emails to addresses with trailing periods.