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Version 2.43

Release Dates
  • Production: Not released
  • Demo: March 19, 2013

New Features and Enhancements

  • (13690) Completed support for launching content in a new window. Run-time now supports all browsers and more content scenarios (including content that does not have unload handling). Added presentation settings so that an administrator can specify launch behaviour for a module or in bulk across a number of activities.
  • (13767) Clients List report: added last login date to CSV export.
  • (13847) Added support for hiding the 'Configuration' tab with role privileges.
  • (13852) Added a 'Proctor Only' role.

Bugs Fixed

  • (13522) Paypal integration: calculate taxes properly when a user has no region or country specified.
  • (13665) Improved performance of Location Billing Report.
  • (13692) Better handle errors when retrieving the participants list for an activity.
  • (13786) Better handle SCORM metadata language declarations when loading content.
  • (13810) Allow setting of passing score of 0% (as opposed to 'No passing score').
  • (13813) Import users: provide error message when 'Identifier' is a required field and it is not supplied.
  • (13817) Reports: ensure that common parameters are always validated.
  • (13869) Fixed issue saving changes to 'Accounts and Access' page for organization administrators.