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Version 2.5

Release Dates
  • Production: December 6, 2007
  • QA: November 28, 2007

New Features and Enhancements

  • (2164) The application now stores its session state in a database, eliminating the chance that someone will lose their session due to an application reset.
  • (2963) The assessment engine can now present all its controls and text in other languages. We've added French as the first translation.

Bugs Fixed

  • (1746) Support for Safari 2 was added. Previously, students were unable to launch SCORM training content with the browser.
  • (2241) Some pages were not displaying all information in a secondary language, despite the existence of appropriate translations.
  • (2253) Improved logging support in PayPal IPN module to help avoid and provide more information on errors that occur.
  • (2355) Ensure that all validation error messages are displayed appropriately when adding a user.
  • (2471) Do not allow users to explicitly navigate to the error page.
  • (2530) When custom fields are used in an organization, "No update was required." feedback is provided to the user despite saving changes to a user's information.
  • (2603) Ensure that an organization's expiry date is defaulted to the correct value when it is in the future.
  • (2607) Consistently include users whose accounts are disabled in the users count in all lists.
  • (2695) The participants count and registration/results pages now include users whose assignments have ended.