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Version 2.6

Release Dates
  • Production: December 22, 2007
  • QA: December 21, 2007

New Features and Enhancements

  • (2195) Web Services API: Added membership information to LmsPersonObject.
  • (2461) The 'Client ID' field is now hidden on the login page if specified as a URL parameter to the page.
  • (2561) Response Analysis Report: Show main question text for Likert questions.
  • (2562) Response Analysis Report: Show blank as part of fill-in-the-blank question text.
  • (3123) Enhanced transaction summary and editing capabilities for administrators for easier payment reconciliation.
  • (3190) Allow 'Local Administrators' the ability to see events within their scope, and manage participant data for those events.
  • (3209) Support use of alternate languages for users when not logged in for organizations that support more than one language.
  • (3228) Web Services API: Added a new 'LmsStatusObject' which is supported by the 'Search' method. This allows for retrieval of training results data.
  • (3307) Response Analysis Report: Translate HTML tags in question and response text to a more readable format.
  • (3726) Allow creation of expired memberships.

Bugs Fixed

  • (1134) Fixed error when trying to register for an event after an initial failed payment for the same event.
  • (1150) Supporting events now requires locations functionality to be enabled.
  • (1961) Status information is now correctly rolled up in the LMS when an assessment is completed but the user times out.
  • (2239) When creating or renewing a membership, the user's membership end date was being set to the beginning of the specified day instead of the end of the day.
  • (2790) Fixed User Certification Edit page so that certification level drop-down is not disabled after receiving a validation error.
  • (3094) Fix error when adding a participant to an event with no location specified.
  • (3099) Refunded transactions are more clearly indicated on a user's summary page.
  • (3208) The menu name for the Participant Activity Status page now matches the activity's type.
  • (3250) Administrators could only specify default option values when registering a user for an event.
  • (3284) Display appropriate error when the database for the application cannot be found.
  • (3347) Web Services API: 'LmsLocationObject' now includes an empty 'ExpiryDatetime' property when there is no expiry date.
  • (3354) Fixed error when running SCORM content that sets the 'latency' value in interaction data.
  • (3406) The location level drop-down did not show on the Locations page in some cases when it should have when switching between organizations.
  • (3411) Support language codes greater than two characters when importing users.
  • (3457) Fixed error resuming an attempt at SCORM content while loading decimal value interaction result.
  • (3480) Retain organizational branding when a user signs up for a new account.
  • (3515) No contextual message when adding user with duplicate username.
  • (3750) Added warning message to Location Edit page when location hierarchies are enabled and no levels have been defined.