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Version 2.8

Release Dates
  • Production: November 12, 2008
  • QA: November 11, 2008

New Features and Enhancements

  • (2960) Restrict list of assignments displayed to administrators.
  • (4688) Allow multiple participants to be added to an activity at once (via the 'Add participants' link).
  • (4723) Allow generation of AICC packages at the lesson level.
  • (4988) Provide appropriate feedback when users attempt to login to a disabled licensee.
  • (5179) Allow local administrators limited access to activities. Local administrators can now pick a course and manage the list of participants within their scope.
  • (5250) Assignments that are created when administrators assign content using the 'Add participants' method are now listed as being created by the system.
  • (5251) Better handle long content/user lists in assignment summaries.
  • (5254) Improved assignment wizard navigation. User no longer needs to page through all pages when editing an assignment.
  • (5283) Items are now sorted alphabetically in assignment summaries.
  • (5295) Web Services API: Added the following properties to LmsLicenseeObject - 'ApplicationName', 'AreEventsEnabled', 'IsCertificationEnabled', and 'IsSelfRegistrationEnabled'. All non-required properties now default to the parent licensee's value if not explicitly specified when creating a licensee.
  • (5332) Support payment with edit of membership.
  • (5142) Assessment Engine: fixed and improved immediate question feedback support.

Bugs Fixed

  • (1386) Do not allow registered participants to be selected when adding new participants to an activity.
  • (1418) Odd behaviour sometimes for collapsing lists.
  • (2097) Selected items may become deselected in search grid when search results are presented.
  • (4859) Error thrown if login page provided with invalid 'ReturnUrl'.
  • (4862) AICC: do not enforce attempt limits when launched.
  • (4921) AICC: .CST file headers files generated incorrectly.
  • (4937) AICC: ensure generated packages comply with AICC/CMI Test Suite.
  • (5003) AICC: if 'au_id' parameter is passed only via the launch URL, 'au_entry_point_id' value is never set to the value.
  • (5027) AICC: if the 'cmi_version' is less than 3.0, pass time and scores to the external LMS as per the 2.x specification.
  • (5047) 'Undo' operation after deleting one or more activities from the list page would not restore the items.
  • (5077) AICC: always include value in description field, even if empty (problem working with LMS).
  • (5082) Fix assignment wizard for use by Multiple Location Administrators.
  • (5128) Previously deleted items within an activity could return after editing some of the activity's properties.
  • (5133) Web Services API: searching LmsPersonObjects now supports the 'LicenseeId' field.
  • (5134) Sometimes get error message when registering for an activity during the creation of a new user account.
  • (5137) Web Services API: provide better error feedback when invalid 'Search' request is made.
  • (5148) Payment transaction date is confusing when a user abandons a payment and then comes back at a later date and completes it.
  • (5200) Allow membership expiry dates to be set in the past from the Edit Membership page.
  • (5221) Back button did not work after selecting a participant to register.
  • (5231) When renewing memberships, increment expiry year to current membership year-end instead of just incrementing by one year.
  • (5240) Include disabled users when listing users in the assignment wizard.
  • (5243) Web Services API: 'DefaultLanguage' property should not be required when creating LmsLicenseeObject. Default language is set to the parent licensee's default language if not explicitly specified.
  • (5246) Recent transactions are not shown when the user has French as her preferred language.
  • (5265) AICC: handle case where comma is not included in learner's name by the external launching LMS.
  • (5273) Unable to launch assessment with an empty item type.
  • (5280) Improve performance of assignment list page.
  • (5342) Allow searching with apostrophes on the list of clients when granting content.
  • (5362) Allow registration cancellation for events with options but no payment.
  • (1903) Assessment Engine: support providing immediate question feedback from the last screen in an assessment when the user submits the assessment.