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Version 2.9

Release Dates
  • Production: February 3, 2009
  • QA: January 23, 2009

New Features and Enhancements

  • (5225) Changed ordering of training plans to give greater importance to assignments. Activities from the same assignment are now grouped together and are listed in the order that they were added to the assignment.
  • (5407) Added support for using SSL when sending mail.
  • (5412) Added search support for LmsRegistrationObjects using the Web Services API.
  • (5433) Improved usability of importing users. Changed the process to a three-step wizard which gives significantly more control to the user.
  • (5482) Added new Web Service API method 'CreateUserSessionWithParams'. The method allows the user to specify properties of the session to be created.
  • (5594) Allow item ID to be specified when registering for a course from an external link.

Bugs Fixed

  • (4347) Changed sequencing rules for SCORM 1.2 content loaded.
  • (4718) Allow external person ID field to made required.
  • (5461) Use payment creation date when available instead of payment creation date to sort list of transactions.
  • (5462) Include event information in training plan section on user summary page.
  • (5505) Allow role to be shown on user summary page if desired.
  • (5544) Do not include deleted user in count of number of people that hold certification.
  • (5546) Handle case where no value is specified for fee on the Create Membership and Renew Membership pages.
  • (5552) Do not override cmi.exit value when using LMS navigation to exit from SCO.
  • (5558) Allow custom field values to be removed.
  • (5559) Ensure that all appropriate error messages appear when adding/editing users.
  • (5575) Do not consider value of presentation hide abandon flag when determining whether to display SCO navigation frame or not.
  • (5581) Change the method by which person UI collections are cached to better handle changes in licensee functionality.
  • (5599) Handle loading content that only specifies metadata in culture-specific languages (such as "en-us").