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Version 4.2

Release Dates
  • Production: December 5, 2013
  • Demo: December 3, 2013

New Features and Enhancements

  • (13595) Added support for a waiver during membership renewal process.
  • (14547) Added 'Orders' list page. Future functionality will be coming here.
  • (14566) Updated Spanish translation.
  • (14637) Made 'PersonSystemId' field available to all email templates.
  • (14639) RESTful API: added additional properties to user object - addressLine, cityTown, provinceState, postalZipCode, countryCode, location, dateOfBirth.
  • (14787) Make functionality require appropriate privilege in the 'Content' tab: load content, update, copy, add participant, delete.

Bugs Fixed

  • (13887) Ensure that content that has a tag with an ampersand can be saved.
  • (13908) Improved blocked pop-up message when content that is launched in a new window is blocked by the browser.
  • (14224) Do not show deleted locations on course locations page.
  • (14323) Ensure that content bulk operations for events are consistent with non-events.
  • (14333) Ensure that newlines are replaced in content descriptions for all email templates.
  • (14405) Fix closing of HTML meta tags in page headers.
  • (14499) Fix bulk editing of completion certificate access for events.
  • (14648) Ensure that hard due dates provide access until the end of the specified date.
  • (14669) Fix issue with results when searching list of assignments.
  • (14714) Updated list of countries available.
  • (14741) Do not add a trailing space to the title when loading content with the title specified in metadata.
  • (14767) Removed frame border when experiencing content.