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Version 5.0

Release Dates

  • Production: January 5, 2017
  • Demo: January 4, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • (18894) Support purchase of recurring subscriptions that provide access to a library of content. Provide a 'Home' page where multi-seat purchasers can manage the seats purchased.
  • (19129) Course library: added card view of library.
  • (19187) Locations page: added information about products purchased.
  • (19337) Course Completion To Administrators: added template field 'CompletionCertificateUrl' for accessing the student's certificate.
  • (19485) Include accepted invitations on the sent invitations page.

Bugs Fixed

  • (19329) Due Date Approaching To Administrators: ensure that correct administrators are notified.
  • (19357) Assignment wizard: select all should not select archived activities.
  • (19383) Overdue List To Administrators: ensure that correct administrators are notified.
  • (19476) Fixed intermittent time-out issues when loading new content.
  • (19495) Increase permitted length of course title when manually creating a new course.
  • (19496) Content history: show operation for manually created courses.
  • (19511) Fixed importing issue when job title or department name is specified in language other than English.
  • (19532) Completion certificate: wrap title if too long.
  • (19541) Make sure that exported PDF reports do not include a space in the file name.

5.0.10 (January 24, 2017)

  • (19099) Fixed button styling on user import 'Errors Detected' dialog.
  • (19243) New Course Assigned: fixed test 'ActivityUrl' template field value.
  • (19263) Improved performance of rendering the course library list.
  • (19412) 'Search' tab counts no longer include deleted users and clients.
  • (19572) Fixed issue cleaning up timed-out AICC sessions.
  • (19577) Fixed error when a participant attempts to accept an invitation for an ended contract.
  • (19580) Renamed 'Add participants' to 'Invite users' for subscriptions.
  • (19581) Redirect administrators to the 'Home' page after Shopify purchase.
  • (19600) Reordered and renames resource details labels to reduce confusion with authoring tool labels.
  • (19602) Added new item type 'lab'.
  • (19608) Merge entries for the same course on the locations page.
  • (19614) Delete order now works for subscription orders.
  • (19624) Better handle scenario where a subscription purchaser already exists in the system.

5.0.11 (February 6, 2017)

  • (13107) Strip out non-ASCII characters in email addresses when sending email.
  • (17281) User import: show error indicating that a location cannot be created when hierarchies are enabled.
  • (19638) Fixed order for product lists.
  • (19643) Fixed error editing an assignment that includes a user whose access has been changed.
  • (19678) User summary page: round down scores.

5.0.12 (February 9, 2017)

  • (19701) Added conversion tracking placeholder to process order pages.
  • (19706) Added username hidden field to each page for Javascript use.

5.0.13 (February 13, 2017)

  • (19696) Fixed merging of contracts in product lists.
  • (19725) Renamed 'Suspended' attempt state to 'Resumable' to avoid confusion