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Version 5.4

Release Dates

  • Production: June 13, 2017
  • Demo: June 10, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • (20242) Item summary page: added an action to auto-sequence a course. It make each item in the course a prerequisite for the next item.
  • (20243) Added a new 'Prerequisites' page for items in a course. Specify which other items must be completed before the current item becomes available.
  • (20244) Item prerequisites: do not allow access to an item until a certain amount of time has been spent in the course.
  • (20245) Learner: if an item in a course is not available because of a prerequisite has not been met, add a tool tip indicating the reason.

Bugs Fixed

  • (20221) Renamed 'Create new activity' action to 'Create new course'.
  • (20222) Load SCORM package inside another course: set title correctly.
  • (20238) When creating new course, do not make objectives global.
  • (20240) When loading assessment, always include it when determining parent item's completion status and success status.
  • (20241) When loading PDF or other static asset, do not include it as part of parent item's score.